What am I aiming at by uml-sys? 
What is this all about?
I have to manage a few virtual servers for some bussiness, so I had to find a way to manage that efficiently. I wandered thru many attepmts made by other and foud, that none fullfills my needs, so I started to give my 5 cents.

uml-sys is designed to manage less complex installations easily. I made no limitations (just easily expandable 999 machines alltogether), so it could probably employ large installations. I will make further testing above something like 10 when I get a faster machine with loads of ram :)
I write it in bash v3, which is available on most linux platforms. I would love to have it a bit more portable and there should be place for it in some time in the future. I could rewrite the whole thing some day to be compatible at least with with bash v2 and ksh too.
Usermode systems are probably going to emerge from more sources (I heard about some effort in the BSD familly at least) and I will try to bring something like ums-sys, that would become universal update for current project. At that time, work on uml-sys besides bugfixes and security issues could be stopped.
There are complex network design software creating xml structures, I'd like to be able to import them some time.