This is open source software licensed under GPL version 2 and BSD license.
Written by David Ricar

DISCLAIMER: This software is available as is with no guratees of anything and you take full responsibility for it's usage.

INFORMATION: This file is more or less changelog. Most important documentation is in the defaults config file, where all possible settings are explained.
the configuration of runable elements is done in self explaining apache2-like way, some exaples are in their places, but bridges are currently not yet implemented., defaults, defaults.user and configuration directories have be placed to /etc/uml-sys to work. I will make it easily movable at some day.
if you run, it will tell you what it can do, it can be used as a system service or a comand line utility.

uml-sys requires: user-mode-linux, tunctl (and tuntap support in kernel), screen, bash v3, optionaly tmpfs and chedutils. In near future I plan to widen networking support to daemon switch and system brctl, so those will come to need in some cases.

README for: uml-sys version 0.2 beta 5
changed default behaviour with taskset, screen and su.
rewriten many variable chattering routines
made it able to startup much more that anytime before, which does not mean, taht everything is implemented, further testing is required.

README for: uml-sys version 0.2 beta 4
rewriten sanity check for individual configs.
added debian package to release.

README for: uml-sys version 0.2 beta 3
added some unimplemented features, made some cosmetic changes to the code and documentation.
added doc folder with further info about the project.

README for: uml-sys version 0.2 beta 2
added man page
added some networks specific settings into defaults without implementing them.
fixed some syntax errors that made the previous beta broken.

README for: uml-sys version 0.2 beta
uml-sys is lightweight bash script able of some control of user mode linux guests and the hosting system too. Be sure to read the config files, so you know what you are doing.
This release has some cosmetic changes from alpha3, README files emerged, parts of czech tranlastion emerged and the release is put into CVS.